Kashmir Rugs: 4 Handcrafted Masterpieces from a Renowned Region

A visit to Kashmir is an adventure unlike any other. Its picturesque beauty and dramatic history are second only to the region’s passionate, artistic people, and its thriving, centuries-old culture is expressed in vibrant crafts. Our recent travels found us in the company of rug makers whose serious talent is evident in their ability to create works of art that capture Kashmir’s vivacious spirit through color, pattern and texture. The Kashmir Rugs we curated for our oh-so-affordable collection are all handmade of wool by virtuoso craftspeople who employ ancient techniques.

Kashmir Embroidered Wool Symayah Area Rug

The word “Symayah” means easygoing and refined, and it’s the perfect description for this vibrant rug. Traditional floral symbols hand embroidered in fuchsia, gold and watery blue hues brings a cheerful aspect to your happy home.

Kashmir Embroidered Wool Reva Area Rug

Emblazoned with a bouquets of hand embroidered peonies, dahlias, zinnias and wildflowers, our Reva Area Rug brings a profusion of color to a cozy cottage, quiet reading nook or welcoming entryway.

Kashmir Rugs: 4 Handcrafted Masterpieces from a Renowned Region - Discover, A World Market Blog

White Kashmir Embroidered Wool Jaya Area Rug

It’s small in size, but our Jaya Area Rug packs a big style impact. Cobalt, garnet and umber shades bring traditional folk symbols to life, inviting good fortune in with your guests.

Kashmir Embroidered Wool Daria Area Rug

Cerulean vines, hand embroidered to capture the appearance of Kashmir’s native flora, wind their way across a snow-colored background to celebrate the vast beauty of the valley in winter.


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