Cool Trend: Indigo Clothing Inspired by Japanese Shibori

We’re saying “sayonara” to yesterday’s patterns, and “konnichiwa” to a top new clothing trend: Japanese Shibori-inspired prints! This classic indigo clothing style is making refreshingly cool waves down runways across the globe. We’re 100% on board and we think you’ll be a fan of this beautiful blue hue, too.

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Indigo Clothing Prints We’re Really Getting Into

Traditional floral, scalloped and tie-dye patterns in indigo blue provide an electric pop when printed on white cloth. There’s something extra-captivating about this color pairing. It offers a true je ne sais quoi that we just can’t get enough of! Breezy Boho dresses like this one are high on our must-have list for spring and summer.

Indigo Shibori: A Chic Blast from the Past

Born in Japan around the 8th century, Shibori is a traditional type of dyeing that uses a variety of stitching, folding and shape-resist techniques to create dazzling patterns. Each of our unique indigo clothing pieces is inspired by this ancient process and is dyed using mud-resist block printing techniques.

As far back as 1,000 AD, the rich blue hue of genuine indigo dye has been a much coveted color. Originally, it was derived from persicaria tinctoria, also called the “Japanese indigo” plant, which is still preferred today.

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Take it From the Top

It’s impressive to see for yourself how these gifted artisans deftly apply ancient techniques to achieve just the right shade, creating timeless prints that are as eye-catching today as they were a thousand years ago. Putting on stunning indigo clothing items like this printed top is like wearing an original piece of artwork (#swoon).

Kimono Over!

Some kimonos are meant to be used as a robe for indoor lounging, but this reversible kimono-esque gem was made to be seen by all. We love its adaptable, wide-arm silhouette paired with skinny jeans and a tee. Did we mention it’s reversible? Two looks means twice as many options. Think art shows, picnics and Sunday brunches.

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The Perfect Pocket Dress

We adore this comfy, billowy dress featuring an intricate indigo print — but we’re even more wild about its roomy pockets! Slip your cell phone and concert tickets into the pockets, and head out to a summer music festival in style. This is the perfect piece for casually meandering wherever the day may take you.

From the rediscovered style traditions of Japan to the chic streets of Cape Town, South Africa! Follow us now on a fashion safari.


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