How to pair your IPA with your favorite foods

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If you choose craft brews, your palate is probably pleased by America’s favorite style, India Pale Ale (IPA). Hoppy, complex and just the right amount of bitter, these exuberant brews partner perfectly with a wide variety of dishes. It’s easier than you think! Just match the intensity of the beer to the intensity of your food, and you’ll have instant pairing prowess. (Think spice meets spice and sweet enhances sweet). If you’re looking for specifics, our simple tips will help you pair our selection of IPAs to some of your top cravings.

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

Hop Hunter IPA harnesses the complex flavors of just-picked hops through an all-new method of steam distilling wet hops before they even leave the fields. This revolutionary technique captures and intensifies the natural flavors, creating a unique and intensely aromatic beer. It’s designed to stand up perfectly to spicy dishes like Indian curries and pad Thai, as well as intense blue cheeses to umami-filled Manchego.

Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA

Hailed by Esquire Magazine as “perhaps the best IPA in America,” this imperial IPA is delicious savored slowly from a snifter. Pungent hops, dark malt and flavors of stewed fruits give this strong brew intriguing complexity. If that doesn’t fire you up, get the grill going and cook some steaks. This is THE brew to match with filets, burgers, kabobs and barbecue.

New Belgium Slow Ride IPA

Hoppy, but light on malt, this IPA is softened by relaxed citrus notes. Crafted with leisure and refreshment in mind, the New Belgium team has created an easy-going, laidback brew. A blend of seven different hops gives this pour a deceptive complexity, and makes it refreshing with a lightly-spiced Mexican meal or family-style favorites like roasted chicken, grilled salmon and homemade sausage pizza with extra cheese.

Lagunitas Day Time IPA

Resonant of hops with a juicy aroma, this yellow, medium-bodied brew from the much-loved California brewery drinks smoothly with citrus and grass notes. Elevate your snack attack when you pour this alongside salty, fried or spicy foods like popcorn, chicken wings, chips and salsa, arancini or pot stickers.

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