How to Organize Your Home with Baskets


 This year, instead of half-heartedly cleaning out the same junk closet yet again, I started thinking about how to actually make our home function better for our family. Like most families, we have some trouble spots that just weren’t working for us. As I looked around, I realized we could solve most of our trouble spots with one of my favorite organizational tools: baskets.

Baskets are such a great way to either store away unsightly objects or keep objects we need within easy access. Plus, they bring amazing texture to any space.

How to Organize Your Home with Baskets - Discover, A World Market Blog

Our first trouble spot was right at our front door. We were always digging through the bottom of our coat closet trying to find everyone’s hats, scarves, and mittens, and with a busy family, anything that makes it even harder to get out the door is a big problem. Finally, I got smart. A big seagrass basket full of our winter gear right in the foyer makes it so much easier to grab what we need and head out the door.

I have also been wanting to make our guest bathroom more hospitable. There is nothing worse than being in someone else’s home and running out of toilet paper. So I decided to make things easier for everyone by keeping the spare toilet paper in our guest bath in a wire basket. This solves the problem of where to store the extras and will prevent anyone from running out at the worst possible moment.

How to Organize Your Home with Baskets - Discover, A World Market Blog

Baskets also work great for dealing with all of those things that make your life better, but you don’t necessarily want to look at everyday: magazines waiting to be read, your kids’ favorite toys, that pile of remotes. 

My kids are still little and they mostly play in our family room where I can keep an eye on them throughout the day. We have most of the toys contained on shelves, but their books and puzzles were constantly falling in messy piles all over the place. A pair of madras storage baskets in the bottom of the coffee table quickly solved the problem. 

How to Organize Your Home with Baskets - Discover, A World Market Blog

The piles of messy board books and puzzles are tucked out of site but still easy for the kids to grab when they want.

An even bigger problem were our internet modem and router. For a long time, they just sat in a messy pile under our end table. Surprisingly, keeping them out of sight was such an easy fix, I can’t believe I didn’t take care of it sooner! A simple woven basket easily tucked away the modem, router, and all of the random wires. And the same trick would work great even if your modem is on a desk or shelf instead of a random spot on the floor.

I’m excited to start the new year with some nagging problems solved!



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