How to Make A Small-Space Tabletop Plant Stand


DIY herb garden 1

When spring comes around I admittedly go a little plant crazy. Succulents and house plants are my normal jam, but this year I wanted to branch out and grow some herbs. My original plan was a windowsill planter, but alas, I am a renter with very tiny windowsills. All it took was a quick trip to the store for my imagination to be sparked. I spotted these adorable oblong planters and knew they’d be perfect for growing herbs in my apartment. I just needed somewhere to put them.

I wanted to build something I could use even after my mini herb garden was done for the year, something that matched my decor, and portable enough to move around my apartment if I felt it was getting too much or not enough sun. What I came up with was a super simple table perfect for the oblong planters I wanted to use. It’s incredibly easy to make and the end product is great for a multitude of uses if growing herbs isn’t your cup of tea.

DIY herb garden 2

Supplies needed*:

  • mini pallet (available at craft stores in the woodworking section)
  • three legs
  • hardware to mount the legs (found near the legs in the hardware store)
  • drill
  • paint brush
  • pint of paint

*Photographed but not needed: one nosy cat

DIY herb garden 3

Step 1: Mark where you’d like your legs to be positioned on the pallet bottom, then screw those babies in! For my tripod legs, I found the center of the pallet, then measured out three equal points around it to place the hardware.

Since the plates are angled, I found it helpful to attach the legs onto the hardware first and test out different spots on the pallet before screwing it on to find out which placement will leave me with the most sturdy finished product. Place the legs too close together and you’ve got a wobbly table, which no one wants.

DIY herb garden 4


DIY herb garden 5


DIY herb garden 6

Step 2: Paint your new plant stand. Make sure to tape off any hardware you don’t want to paint and to paint somewhere with a lot of ventilation.

DIY herb garden 7

DIY herb garden 8


Step 3: While that’s drying, it’s time to plant your herbs! One thing I’ve learned from planting indoors is that a kitchen towel will save you a whole lot of mess to clean up. It’ll catch all of your excess dirt and you can just shake it off outside before throwing it in the washer.

This metal caddy is great for carrying plants that still need potting, as well as transporting gardening supplies, easily and neatly.

Make sure to mark which plant is which if you’re not already super plant savvy. I used slate garden stakes, and I’m pretty sure labeling plants doesn’t get any cuter!

DIY herb garden 9

DIY herb garden 10

DIY herb garden 11


Step 4: I added some string lights to give the setup more pizzaz. Don’t forget a cute watering can to keep your thirsty plants happy!

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  • Taylor Doyle

    Love the table it’s so easy and cute! Don’t forget though, most herbs require FULL SUN to thrive which means they need to be near a window that gets 6+ hours of direct sun a day! If you’re like me and unfortunately don’t have a window that’s south-facing, Mint is a good herb to grow in lower light!


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