How to Make Frozen Fruit Dessert in Minutes

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Sometimes the best family activities aren’t the extravagant ones, and just taking time to be with your kids is enough. My kids love to feel involved in the simplest things like making dinner or dessert—made even more appealing since they get to indulge in their creations after!

When I found this frozen fruit dessert maker, I knew it would be a fun way to involve the kids and it did not disappoint. The kit comes with a booklet of recipes (but you can wing it, too). So I let the kids pick out some of their favorite fruits; they loved feeding the fruits into the grinder and watching the frozen fruits turn into sorbet right before their eyes. (Tip: have the kids pick out their favorite fruits the night before so they have time to freeze; the more frozen the fruit, the thicker the consistency will be.)

Since we first used the Swirlio the kids have asked non-stop when we can make “ice cream.” I love that this fruit-based dessert  uses natural ingredients and is made even more appealing to the kids when we add sprinkles and some chocolate syrup to dress it up!

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All photos by Emmy Lowe


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