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Our dining tables always come to life with floral bouquets and plants when entertaining and during the holidays. But while constantly displaying colorful centerpieces sounds dreamy, it isn’t always practical (or affordable) to maintain. Why don’t we try something long lasting that can be dressed up occasionally? An open-air curation of plants embedded in a pebble garden is the perfect way to create a stunning display with everyday flair that you can place indoors or out.

04_Shallow Pebble Planter

First thing’s first – let’s assess our green thumbs. Starting off with a selection of easy-to-care-for succulents might be the best entry point into keeping your living centerpiece alive. Besides the ability to bounce back when neglected, they are attractive architectural bursts that come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. These plants like a consistent schedule when it comes to a spritz of water, so our pebble garden will be the perfect nesting spot for our lovelies to lay between baths.

Even though this centerpiece is handsome on it’s own (not to mention it goes with a number of table runner and place setting styles), we all love options. The best part of creating a pebble garden is that it can always be changed – swap in some airplants, swap out a few succulents for small tropical botanicals. Mix, match and play around. Most importantly, you can also lace it with any number of floral combos for special occasions, or just for Fridays because…weekends!

10_Shallow Pebble Planter With Flowers

Floral water tubes are the unsung hero of flower arranging. Use these inexpensive tools to individually place colorful blooms that will last days among your hearty succulents. Try experimenting with exotic flowers in a complementary colors. Layering different textures is chic, not chaotic when they have a cohesive palette. Gorgeous gardening, indeed!

Are you ready to set your tables with more plants this summer? Affordable, long lasting and a punch of personality when petal laced – this is one centerpiece we’re excited to tinker with all year long.

DIY: Shallow Pebble Garden Centerpiece 2 Ways


  • Shallow Planter Vase
  • River Rocks
  • Selection of succulents or other small houseplants (recommended 4 oz potted houseplants)
  • Plastic Floral Water Tubes
  • Fresh Flowers

Look 1 Directions:

Line the bottom of a planter vase with a layer of river rocks, add a few plants and continue to build layers of pebbles around the planter so succulents pop out at different heights.

If you’re concerned about extra moisture buildup (especially if you are using a vessel without drainage) you can start with a thin layer of planter charcoal and build pebbles from there. Top all plants with a final layer of rocks so no containers are showing.

Watering: Succulents (and most house plants) thrive on consistency. Spritz regularly or remove plants from the planter every 7 – 10 days for a good soak. Allow all excess water to drip off before placing it back into your planter vase.

05_Shallow Pebble Planter

Look 2 Directions:

Fill plastic floral tubes with water and stick your selection of blooms inside. A selection of thinner stem florals can be added to the same tube for a more bouquet look.

Remove the top layer of river pebbles and insert floral tubes around the succulents. Fill in any empty spots with additional river rocks to help secure the blooms in place.

Watering: This look is a temporary style update perfect for holidays and entertaining. Most tubes should keep flowers fresh for 3-4 days. If petals seem to be drooping, check and refill as needed.

11_Shallow Pebble Planter With Flowers ALT
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