How to Create A Big Impact in A Small Backyard

When it comes to making a big impact in a small backyard, we turned to the ultimate expert: celebrity designer Sabrina Soto. According to Sabrina, it doesn’t take much to perk up your patio. And even if you’re working within a small space, the point is not to lose sight of your lofty decorating goals.

“Just because you have a small space, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a big sense of style,” she says, as she created an Insta-ready scene under the California sun during our recent shoot in Venice. A lover of all things laid-back, California cool, Sabrina picked out a few pieces that caught her eye—and made a huge impact in this small outdoor area.

Small Spaces 3

Here are her must-have, small-space essentials:

Comfortable Lounge Seating
It’s impossible to sit back and relax when you’re not landing on comfortable seating. Remember to pick out padded chairs with plenty of seating room!

Pillow Piles
Have a basket of throw pillows within easy access so guests and family members can pile on the comfort even when they’re outside.

Functional Trays
Part-decor display vessel, part-entertaining workhorse, a serving tray is a must-have in any small-space setup.

Natural Decor Elements
Even if your green thumb has turned into a different color, you can still create a lush scene with faux plants inside a terrarium or your preferred vessel.

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