Houseplants: A Few Simple Tips for Letting the Outdoors In

It’s no secret that having houseplants around your home can up your happiness quotient a few notches. For The Fox & She blogger Blair Staky, this scientific fact makes complete sense. “When you think about it, you find the most plants in tranquil and peaceful gardens, farmers’ markets that are bustling with activity, and in centerpieces at restaurants and weddings—all of these places can be associated with happy, stress-free situations,” says Blair.

Below she shares a few simple tips on keeping houseplants inside the home.


Houseplants 101

Start With Potted Plants
If your green thumb still needs time to develop, think small and manageable with potted plants. You can move them around the house with ease and they’re usually low-maintenance and super hard to kill. If your green thumb is actually a black thumb, don’t forget faux plants. They come in a wide array of lifelike and beautiful variations, and won’t die no matter how hard you try.

Get Stones
Keep your potted plant from drowning from any sitting water and place a layer of stones at the bottom of your pot. Also, make sure your pot has drainage holes; the holes allow the water in the soil to drain freely so air is available for the roots.

Try Terrariums
We agree with Blair: terrariums are great for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend with their houseplants. The added bonus? They look amazing when constructed with a bit of flair and creativity.

Plant Herbs
Herbs need natural light and enough space for roots to grow. “Depending on which herbs you want to grow, you might need more sun, but if you’ve got a window that gets good natural light, you’re in business,” says Blair.

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