Hosting Your Own Backyard Summer Games BBQ in 4 Easy Steps


The Summer Games are everywhere right now and their compelling events have even gotten my young kids hooked! For the past week, not a day has gone by without my kids asking to watch it on television or reenacting their very own gymnastics meet right in the middle of our living room.

Anyone else have kids that have gone gaga for the games?

Well, with all the excitement that has been going on in my own home, I thought it would be fun to host a kid-friendly Summer Games party in our backyard so that my kids (and even my husband and I…plus a few friends and their kids) could really get in on the festivities. The best part? It was so easy to put together.

So, if you want to get in on the fun, here are some quick and easy tips on how you can throw your very own Backyard Summer Games BBQ.



Step 1: Create your menu

Since this is a kid-friendly BBQ, you can never go wrong with simple classics like hot dogs, pasta salad, fruit, chips, and s’mores for dessert.  And, to move it up a notch, create a hot dog bar that allows guest to cook their own hot dogs over an open fire pit and then dress with any topping their heart desires!


Step 2: Don’t forget to decorate!

A great way to set a really fun vibe for your party is through your decorations, and since you you’ll be having your party in your own backyard, it won’t take much to elevate your space. Simply opt for some fun throw pillows, lights, and handheld flags and you will have your guests swooning the moment they arrive!


Step 3: Plan your games

When it comes to the participating in your own summer games, there are so many events/games to choose from. Since my kids have mostly been interested in gymnastics and running, I opted to do a twirling ribbon and glitter wand floor dancing routine and an ally relay race. But some other fun games you could add to the mix are a balance beam competition using 2′ x 4′  piece of wood that you can pick up at your local home building store, or a fencing competition using foam pool noodles.


Step 4Make your medals.

It wouldn’t be an official Backyard Summer Games BBQ without some gold medals. Simply purchase some gold glitter foam sheets and spools of ribbon from your local craft supply store to make some gold medals that your little Summer Game champions will absolutely love!


Go, USA!


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