How to Host A Beautiful, Easy-Prep Easter Brunch

Destiny Alfonso

I don’t know a person who doesn’t love brunch—you know, that lovely time just after 10 in the morning and right before the afternoon that opens itself to up to delicious foods, decadent eggs, croissants, fresh fruit, custom cocktails, and pastries galore. This year, I want to celebrate Easter and all things spring outdoors with some of my favorite people in the world—my friends!

Tip 1: Start With Spring-Themed Bevvies

We’ll start the afternoon with a fun cocktail just for the occasion. For a conversation starter, I suggest picking a main ingredient—like coconut—and using it throughout your food and drink choices. This delicious cocktail features coconut milk and a delicious rum over ice.

Serve your fun cocktail alongside a tray of cold brew coffee sweetened with coconut syrup so guests can stay hydrated throughout the afternoon.

Tip 2: Serve a Mix of Finger Foods and Heartier Dishes

Offer guests a mix of light finger foods and dishes with more substance, like coconut-infused waffle stacks drizzled with honey. Salads, and of course, eggs are a must for any brunch! These soft-boiled eggs are displayed in an egg cup accompanied with toast for dipping—yum! Make prepping for Easter brunch a whole lot easier with tools like a waffle maker, rapid egg maker, and pre-made mixes. This way you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests. Have an overflow of food on standby so that you can easily replace anything that is popular (and running low in supply).

A brunch bar with yogurt, fruit and granola varieties is a great way to keep things simple. Make sure you leave plenty of time for chatting, catching up and for guests to try every single dish and refreshment.

Tip 3: Create a Stunning Spring Centerpiece

Set the scene with a spring-perfect centerpiece featuring faux eggs and faux lavender stems. Display plates and napkins for your guests so they can be ready to serve themselves with ease, or you can set the full table in anticipation of all the food that will be served.

Either way, take your time to set up. Don’t forget the small details, like a moss runner, to add to the springtime ambiance of the brunch.

How to Host A Beautiful, Easy-Prep Easter Brunch - Discover, A World Market Blog

Tip 4: Roll the Dice and Play!

Why not spice up your Easter brunch with a fun Bunco game? You can print out these spring Bunco cards and set up extra tables and chairs before the games begin so there’s a seamless transition from brunch to Bunco. Make sure you have enough pens and dice!

(Learn the rules of Bunco here.)

For Bunco prizes, make small Easter baskets just for adults that include cute little gifts, like a plant mister and a garden in a can.

Remember—the best way to be a good hostess is to have fun and enjoy the company of your guests!

How to Host A Beautiful, Easy-Prep Easter Brunch - Discover, A World Market Blog


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