DIY Holiday Project: Gingerbread House in a Jar Decor

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I have a fun holiday decor project for you today that is perfect to do by yourself or with little ones, and is easy to customize to fit your decor using just a few basic finds. I found this gingerbread house DIY project to be pretty simple and not hugely time consuming, so I hope you will love recreating it in your home!  

Holiday Project: Alpine Gingerbread Houses In A Jar - Discover, A World Market Blog

It is important to let the gingerbread houses dry completely before adding them to your winter jars, so I recommend beginning by  assembling and decorating your houses.

Use a Gingerbread House Kit

To assemble houses, follow the instructions in the  Alpine Gingerbread Village Kit. I opted for an all-white theme with my gingerbread houses, so I discarded the candies. Keep in mind that I used one house per jar for my village, so I ended up using two of the kits. I also opted to use my own piping bag so I could use a finer tip for decorating, but the one in the kit should work just fine.

Once all of the gingerbread houses are assembled, decorated and dried, begin to fill your jars with epsom salts until you have the desired amount of “snow.” I tried to mimic a snowy hillside by making sure that my salts were not flat and filled with peaks and valleys within each jar. I think it made a huge difference in the look of the finished jars!

Place  one of your gingerbread houses in each jar. Add one or two small Metallic Bottlebrush Trees and even a  Paper Pulp Old World Santa.

Set your village on your favorite holiday table runner and light a few votives for ambiance. I loved this Red Stripe Linen Table Runner. I thought it added warmth and a pop of color to my otherwise monochromatic scene.

Holiday Project: Alpine Gingerbread Houses In A Jar - Discover, A World Market Blog

Overall, this project was relatively quick and easy and I loved the result. I think this would be such a fun tradition to do with the family each year. I might even have each member of the family decorate their own jar in the village.

Holiday Project: Alpine Gingerbread Houses In A Jar - Discover, A World Market Blog

What you’ll need:


  • maladdie

    lawl this crazyyyy

  • cynthia

    I love this! So cute! But since it’s from last year, the Santa figurines and trees don’t appear to be available at the store this year… Will find them somewhere though. Thanks for a sweet idea!

  • Becca

    Adorable and very original! Soooooo-oooo-0 cute!

  • Kallie M

    So beautiful! My kids love to decorate gingerbread houses during the holidays but I never know what to do with them, besides just letting them sit on the counter until Christmas! This is such a great idea that makes them so display-able! ❤️


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