Holiday Hot Cocoa Bar DIY

Laura Russell - Discover, a blog by World Market

With the holidays quickly approaching and the temperatures dropping, a hot cocoa bar is a great way to socialize and warm up with friends and family. It’s easy to create your own hot cocoa bar with a few basic supplies and some tasty treats from World Market. Most of the prep work for a hot cocoa bar can be done ahead of time, which means less stress and more fun for you!

Holiday Hot Cocoa Bar DIY - Discover, a blog by World Market

Set Up Your Table

First, you’ll need to get the table ready. A runner is the perfect way to set add some color to the table. If you choose to use a backdrop for your hot cocoa bar, don’t be afraid to get creative! I used three old closet doors we had from our two bedroom remodels that worked perfectly as backdrops. Tall shutters, wrapping paper, or fabric all work well for easy backdrops too.

Holiday Hot Cocoa Bar DIY - Discover, a blog by World Market

Break Out the Decorations

I hung the live olive and eucalyptus wreath above the middle of the table to add some festivity and a natural element to the hot cocoa bar. I used colorful red and white striped ribbon that matched all of the peppermint treats I had on the table to hang the wreath. A paper banner with handwritten lettering was a great way to welcome guests and create an inviting table. I added some faux greenery here and there to add some height and color.

Holiday Hot Cocoa Bar DIY - Discover, a blog by World Market

Hot Cocoa Bar with All the Fixings

You’ll need enough mugs for each guest to have their own at your hot cocoa bar. The snowflake embossed mugs are a lovely neutral white and look festive served on a red lacquer tray in the middle of the table. Instead of using a spoon to stir, I placed a peppermint cocoa stirrer in each mug; not only are they more colorful, they taste good!

Since everyone likes to make their hot cocoa their own way, give your guests lots of choices. I had two flavors of hot cocoa to choose from: milk chocolate and salted caramel, which are two of my personal favorites. For easy serving and hosting, fill glass jars with each flavor, then add a metal scoop so guests can make their own. Cut small tags from thick paper, write the hot cocoa flavor on the tag, then tie the tag around the top of the scoop handle with baker’s twine. This way, guests can easily identify which flavor they would like to try.

You can’t have a hot cocoa bar without lots of yummy mix-ins, so I filled some snowflake embossed bowls with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and cinnamon candies. The bowls match the snowflake mugs and make the table look more coordinated.

Tasty treats are a must-have to serve with the hot cocoa. I filled up some glass apothecary jars with chocolate peppermint rolled wafers for dipping into the hot cocoa, old-fashioned chocolate-covered peppermint sticks, and peppermint meringue cookies. To add more color and fun to the jars, I tied some of the striped ribbon that I used for the wreath around the tops of the jars. Ribbon is a great way to add extra details to your hot cocoa bar, and you can mix and match patterns and colors to go with the rest of your setup.



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