Santa’s Secret: Last-Minute Holiday DIY Miracles That Don’t Look Last-Minute

When the most wonderful time of the year becomes a last-minute scramble, there’s no need to panic! We’ve got a few Santa-approved secrets and elf-help solutions right here. In fact, our Holiday DIYs are not only effortless to make and easily affordable, but it will look as if you spent way more time than you did. And when it’s the thought that counts, let’s let them think you really outdid yourself this year! Take a look at our crafty roundup below, and get ready to make your own holiday DIY miracle.

Tastefully Dressed

It’s always fun to go gnome for the holidays, especially when you’re bringing wine! These elfin bottle outfits are a snap to make with a little felt, pom-poms and faux fur.

Be-Leaf in Magic

Holiday greenery never looked so good! Pick up a small potted plant—maybe a fresh herb like basil, mint or rosemary—and swaddle it in a trendy Tea Towel for a gift that keeps on giving.

Perfectly Pampering

Nothing gets us in the holiday mood more than slathering ourselves in the scents of the season. With a little bit of sugar, holiday spice and a jar with ribbons that looks really nice, you can give the gift of a holiday spa-day getaway. (And it only takes a few minutes to make!)

Global Sensation

DIY Snow Globes are the most exciting find of the season! Using your favorite ornament (so you can personalize your seasonal scene), a crafty jar, water, glitter and very well-dried glue, you can gift them a keepsake that they’ll proudly display every year.

Mug Thoughts

Using a white mug, permanent markers and an oven set at 350 degrees, you can craft a highly personalized gift they’ll love. Sweet, easy and oh-so-thoughtful, this is a holiday DIY they’ll always remember you by.

Simple Gingerbread Syrup

The name says it all! Simple syrups are simply simple to make, and this one shines with everyone’s favorite holiday flavor—gingerbread! Pour into a giftable bottle and present in a pretty wooden box for a gift that’s so beautiful they’ll never know you whipped it up in a few minutes.

Rustic Rosemary

As a sweet decor gift or as a stunning addition to your down-to-earth Holiday tablescape, our Rosemary Christmas Trees are effortlessly elegant. Find rosemary sprigs in the neighborhood, compile them on a florist’s Styrofoam egg and place in a ceramic jar for a look that’s instantly Instagram-worthy.

Do you have any holiday DIY secrets you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below, and Merry Christmas!



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