Stock Up on Halloween Snacks! Scary Movie Night Must-Haves

Halloween is fast approaching, and a treasure trove of terrifying characters is right on its heels. Get geared up for a long night of Paranormal Activity, Aliens or Poltergeist with our fright-night Halloween snacks. They’re a scream!Scary Movie Night - Discover, a blog by World Market

Hauntingly Good Halloween Snacks

Wind-Down Wines
Relax. It’s just a movie. Our wicked assortment of Halloween wines make it easy for you to unwind and enjoy the show.

Popcorn Done Properly
Invite the whole crew (there’s safety in numbers) and serve their cinematic snacks in our Small Popcorn Boxes. You’ll feel like you’ve gone to the movies (but you’re actually at home. Wait, what was that sound outside…?).

Killer Candy
Stock up on candy in movie boxes for that authentic cinema experience. Junior Mints are a must-have, as are adorable—and oddly comforting—Hello Kitty Sour Gummi Treats.

BONUS: Threatening Throws
Ok, so these are really more for hiding under than using as a weapon, but in a pinch you could use it to net the bad guy. In the meantime, snuggle up close to someone you love, get warm and prepare to be scared.

Fire up the Halloween DVDs and get ready for goosebumps! Between the snuggling, the snacks and the sips, you’re sure to have a frightening film-fest you’ll never forget. Bwaahahahahaha!

Gray and White Chevron Throw Gray and White Chevron Throw 29.99 Ivory Luxe Knit Throw with Teal Border Ivory Luxe Knit Throw with Teal Border 17.48 15.73 Monster Mash Lodi Red Blend Monster Mash Lodi Red Blend 0 Spellbound Chardonnay Spellbound Chardonnay 0 World Market® Skeleton Bones Cheddar Cheese Crunchies World Market® Skeleton Bones Cheddar Cheese Crunchies 2.99 Fright Bites Tortilla Chips Fright Bites Tortilla Chips 2.99 Tootsie Junior Mints Tootsie Junior Mints 1.49 Small Popcorn Boxes, 12-Count Small Popcorn Boxes, 12-Count 4.99

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