Rebekah Dempsey Shares a Haunting Halloween Party DIY


It’s time to get ghoulish in your home and start decorating for Halloween! From your home decor to a fun-filled Halloween party, all your essential items are right here at World Market. I love being able to go to one store to get everything I need for my seasonal decor. Not only can I get all the decorations I need, I can also pick up fun, festive food to throw the perfect party. I’ve made a guide to help you decorate with ease and also created a fun Halloween party DIY tutorial you can do with your kids so you will be all set for tricks and treats.

Rebekah Dempsey Shares a Haunting Halloween Party DIY  - Discover, a World Market blog

When I am creating a Halloween party, there are three spaces I like to have for guests. First is a buffet of themed food set in the kitchen or on a sideboard in the dining room. It’s nice to have everything in one spot. I corral it with a tablecloth or large piece of patterned fabric to ground the display. Then I add my food and fill in the blank spots with Halloween decor, like this black candelabra. The candelabra also adds height and when the lights are turned off it creates a spooky display for the food.

Second is a bar cart for Halloween themed cocktails and beverages. I love this option because you can move your cart anywhere you need it. Sometimes I have mine in the breakfast room and kitchen area or for larger parties I move it into the living room. Creating layers with drinks and decor makes this area a fun spot for guests to choose their poison.


Last, I love to set a spooky table and add in a DIY element for visual impact. These Halloween party DIY aged potion bottles are so easy to make and clustered together make a fun, haunting display especially when these dramatic black glitter roses are added.


So, grab my list of items you will need (and maybe a little helper!), and make these fun antique looking bottles!

Halloween Party DIY – Antiqued Bottles:



Step 1: Using the sandpaper, scratch the whole surface of each of the bottles. It should have a milky look with fine lines in it when you are done. This will help your paint adhere to the glass surface.


Step 2: Using the tan craft paint and the sponge brush, paint the entire bottle using up and down brush strokes. It is okay to be messy and not get every inch painted. You want a very uneven look to it all. Once you are finished, let it stand for 3-5 minutes to dry a bit. Then use a damp paper towel and lightly rub off some of the paint in small spots.


Step 3: Use the brown paint and a thicker head paint brush. Use small strokes to add a little darker color to the finish. Lightly brush them on so it looks like dirt spots. Let stand and dry for 5-10 minutes.


Step 4: Take your bottles outside and line them up so you can easily go down the row to paint them with the black paint. Use a flicking motion with your thumb and the paint brush to create a splatter look with the paint on the bottles.


Step 5: Download our free printable bottle labels,print and cut them out using matte sticker paper and the instructions on the sheet, and adhere to the bottles.




Step 6: Pop in these beautiful black roses for a beautiful scary Halloween vase.



There you have it! A Halloween party DIY that you can use year after year. As for placement, I love clustering the bottles for a centerpiece on my table or pairing them on a bar cart or fireplace mantle.


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