Gypset Fashion Inspiration: New Mexico’s White Sands

Our buying teams are usually headed to far-flung locales around the world: think Jaipur in India, Zambales in the Philippines, or Marrakesh in Morocco. But for this inspirational trip, our Fashion Buyer Cindy Tse stayed domestic and headed to New Mexico’s White Sands National Monument, a stunning landscape that combines otherworldly beauty, stark contrasts, and nature’s breathtaking simplicity.

Take a look at how the national park’s gypsum sand inspired the boho gypset styles below!

Gypset Fashion Inspiration: New Mexico’s White Sands - Discover, A World Market Blog

Dazzling Dunes

It’s hard not to appreciate the wonder and simplicity of the gypsum sand dunes. Once you’ve found your spot, whether on top of a dune or on one of the flat surrounding areas, the only thing left to do is kick off your shoes and take in the cool quality of the powder-soft sand. Our Cream Mirrored Tote captures the dazzling quality of the dunes when the sun meets the sand, and the perfect geometry of this untamable land.

Contrasting Beauty

Our Black and Ivory Layered Necklace is a spotlight-stealing statement piece that captures the breathtaking beauty of White Sands National Monument. The jewelry piece’s stark contrast of mother-of-pearl ivory and black-dyed beads is an expression of balance, symmetry and simplicity.

Ephemeral Ease

It takes just a few minutes of basking in the sand dunes’ grandeur to realize that life is constantly changing. Our Calisi Dress perfectly captures the ease of a wanderlust, gypset lifestyle—one that’s comfortable with constant transformation.

Kinetic Cascades

With every shift of the sun’s position or the wind’s direction, New Mexico’s sand dunes are ever-evolving in even the tiniest ways. These small shifts can be found in the kinetic style of our Cascading Tassel and Shell Necklacethe cascading effect of the shell-and-tassel design echoes how the gypsum sediments are dissolved by the elements, one day at a time.

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