How to Grill with a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

It’s the season of grilling and cookouts, and although we love a good grill grate as much as the next person, there’s another way to cook your favorite sausages, burger patties, and vegetables. Enter the cast iron skillet!

Watch the video below and learn how to maximize your Lodge Cast Iron Skillet at your next backyard bash!

How to Grill With Lodge

Have some more fun with your Lodge cookware and bake a Dutch Baby in the very same skillet you’ve been using all summer long. Sometimes known as a German pancake or Bismarck, this breakfast dish is a quick and yummy treat that’s as fun to watch puff up in the oven as it is to eat (preferably with maple syrup and a fruit compote).

How to Bake a Dutch Baby with a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Still cleaning your skillet with soap? (Gasp!) Fret not—cleaning the skillet with soap is not the end of the world, but should definitely be avoided. Watch the video and keep your skillet well-seasoned and clean for years to come!

How to Clean Your Skillet

Before you throw out your rusty cookware,  check out the video below and restore your rusty skillet or Dutch oven to cook-ready condition in just a few steps. Hint: You’ll need steel wool scrubbing pads for this one.

How to Restore Rusty Cast Iron Cookware

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  • Randi berko

    no soap on cast iron! Just use a brush and scrub, then dry and season. After I started to do this after each use, my pans are better than ever!the food and residue releases easily each time! I love my cast iron! I sold le crueset for 14 years, no soap and no dishwasher ever and dry really well before putting it away!

  • Lynn Studer

    PLEASE Do NOT Set any HOT cookware on a granite or like solid surface.

    Thermal shock can crack the surface, and that would not be good!

    The Dutch Baby video showed the hot skillet on what appears to be a granite surface.

  • Margaret Rutledge

    If your food is black you need to reseason your pan. After using cast iron wash it, wipe dry with paper towel, add a small amount of oil and heat on stove over medium heat. Wipe oil from pan with more paper towel. If the towel shows a black cast add more oil and repeat. Do this process until towel shows no black. Normal use should only require a light soap and water rinse. Reseasoning is only needed if the pan was heavily scoured or allowed​ to rust.

  • Lindsay Michaels

    Whenever I cook in my large cast iron pot my food turns black. I’ve washed it and oiled it but it’s always black. What do I do?

  • Susy

    Never put cast it on in the dishwasher.

  • Jane Shepard

    Really informative. Sending along for grandkids to watch. Think the manufacturing video was just great and the cooking part too, tho I’m vegetarian. Loved seeing you can put it in dishwasher.
    Have been using cast iron for 50 years in my kitchen(s). Nothing like it


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