Get Valentine’s Day Dinner-Ready With Haute Off The Rack

This Louisiana-based lifestyle blogger gives us a reason to cancel our dinner reservations and opt for a night in with cupid. Jenn from Haute Off The Rack shows us how to style an Asian-themed Valentine’s Day dinner that’s as hot as it is sweet. We sit down with her to chat about romance, hot sauce, chocolate chip cookies, and her must-have entertaining essentials.



Let’s talk about the menu you have here (Asian food with a nod to Vietnamese cuisine). 

Considering that my boyfriend and I always keep a bottle of Sriracha in the kitchen (we add it to just about every dish), it was kind of a no-brainer that we went for a Sriracha theme for Valentine’s Day. I also feel like Asian soul food that packs a punch, like perfectly-wrapped spring rolls and pho, really warms the heart, which is all you can really ask for on this day!

How long did it take you to style the entire setup from start to finish? 

It took me a few tries plus a full day to create the entire table from start to finish; I also got a little help from a friend. The hardest part was trying to mix an Asian theme and cuisine with a girly pink motif instead of the obvious red and black. As you can see, it ended up mixing really well together.

What are some of your favorite pieces here? 

I absolutely love my 3-tiered bar cart with mirrored details. I redecorate it all the time for different occasions, from a coffee bar cart or dessert bar to a Bloody Mary station, or a traditional champagne and liquor display (you’ve got to try this Earl Grey Tea Infused Champagne). I always think the best-looking bar carts include something eye-catching, a pop of color and plenty of gold! There’s a lot of metallic details on the table, from the stemless glassware to the gold chargers; all of these pieces really uplift the table.



We really like your fresh-yet-simple centerpiece of roses in the prismatic vessel, and the candlesticks, too! Do you think it’s essential to have lit candles to ignite romance in the home for something like a Valentine’s Day dinner? 

For me, fresh flowers and lit candles are a must to ignite romance on an intimate date night at home. I usually like clean and simple-smelling candles like this pink peony one I always light. Also, call us lame, but we love to listen to old Motown music on fun date nights when we’re cooking together. I think it’s because Motown reminds us of when we were kids and what our parents used to listen to, so it creates a happy and fun-loving vibe.

So…what’s for dessert?

Dessert is really an opportunity for you to show how you’ve gone out of your way to get your beloved’s most favorite sweet. I could live on chocolate chip cookies, and my husband knows this! I would choose them over almost any fancy dessert. Milk and cookies have my heart, so these two things are all I need for a romantic night at home.

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