How to Get the Layered Bed Look

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If you’ve been a guest in someone’s home or checked into a quaint bed and breakfast, chances are you’ve probably slept in a layered bed or two. You know what I’m talking about—a mix of quilts, blankets, pillows, textures, and patterns for a perfectly composed bed that almost looks too gorgeous to disrupt, but feels oh-so-good to slip into!

Let’s take a look at how to achieve that layered bed look. Trust us—it’s super easy to do, and it can turn a ho-hum bed into a cozy haven.

Pattern & Texture

You can’t achieve a layered bed look without different patterns and textures. A blanket and quilt combination in complementary colors is a great place to start, and adds tons of visual interest to the overall look.


Contrast patterned and textured beddings with crisp and classic white sheets and pillowcases. White bedding looks great throughout the seasons, and give your eyes a place to rest amid a heavily patterned moment.

Mix & Match Pillow Shams

It’s nice to have a pair of pillow shams that will match your quilt, but throw in shams in complementary colors or styles as well so that not everything feels too matchy-matchy. Don’t feel tied to the idea that your shams have to be up against the headboard—mix and match their positioning according to what suits you and your guests, and play with different size and style combinations.

Layered Bed Must: The Fold & Drape

I don’t know about you, but I obsess about getting just the right quilt fold and drapey look when I’m trying to get that layered bed look. I usually try to fold the solid-hued top sheet and blanket near where the pillows are stacked. Then, I fold the textured quilt or duvet cover midway or at the foot of the bed. The end result is a kind of organic rippling effect—from pillows to top sheet to quilt—that makes the bed look all the more inviting.

If it’s a little nippy, a perfectly draped throw or accent blanket adds warmth to the layered bed.

The Headboard

Although you can create a layered bed without a headboard, it certainly helps to have one tie the entire bed—and bedroom—together. I love how the warm wood character and wood grain of this Austen bed contrasts nicely against the lively patterns and textures of the bedding.





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