Summer Grilling with Dad

Nina Rand of The HSS Feed

I hope you’re enjoying being outside in the beautiful summer weather as much as I am! We’re about to get into summer celebrations and first up is Father’s Day.

Get Grillin’ on Father’s Day

I love that the expectations for Dad’s Day tend to be more relaxed. At our house the day includes morning golf for dad, outdoor time for the whole family and a great grilled meal for an early dinner. My husband is really into researching and trying new recipes for the grill, so we’ve already started planning ahead for what we’ll be cooking and doing for Father’s Day.

Father's Day BBQ Must-Haves - Discover, a blog by World MarketThe Food:

We’ll be snacking during the afternoon and that menu includes jalapeño poppers—so easy to make and so delicious! World Market has this really great roasting rack with a corer that makes making them even easier: You slice off the top of your jalapeños and core them, making sure to get rid of the seeds to keep them from being too spicy. Then, take one pack of softened cream cheese and mix it with shredded cheddar cheese and bacon. You spoon the filling into each pepper and place them in the rack and directly on the grill and cook until blackened to your liking (the more burnt the better for me!).

We’re also planning on making BBQ chicken pizza for our main course. We’ll start by grilling up the chicken with our favorite barbeque sauces. Then we’ll grill it up on a pizza stone with more sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onion and cilantro until it’s good and crispy. I like to pre-make pizza dough in my bread maker but it’s also plenty easy to pick up some dough at the store.

Finally, no cookout is complete without s’mores! I stay very traditional with these and pick up the usual graham crackers, Hershey’s bars and marshmallows (if you can find the square marshmallows in your grocery store, get them, they’re the best!). This little s’more grilling set is great to have for setting up your dessert and you can put it right on the grill or use it as a display if you’re grilling over the firepit.

The Drinks:

When we’re sitting outside, I love getting out a beverage dispenser and filling it with water, lots of ice and sliced lemons, limes and oranges. This is perfect to have on a side table so you can easily grab a refreshing drink during a play break. I also like filling a beverage tub with bottled and canned beverages including soda, juice and beer so there’s something for everyone.

I always keep cocktail napkins near the beverages, so that you can clean up hands or any spills!

The Tools:

We always set up a little grilling station next to the grill with all of the cooking essentials like a grill brush, basting set and tongs. These little food tents are great to keep nearby to cover food from pesty little bugs while you finish prepping and setting the table.

Not to mention, grilling accessories make a great gift for the grill-loving dad!

What are your Father’s Day plans?


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