Father’s Day S’mores Party

Amanda Rogers

Here’s a fun idea for a Father’s Day s’mores party that’s perfect for chocolate lovers of any age.

Father's Day S'mores Party -Discover, a blog by World Market

My husband and older daughter never met a chocolate bar they didn’t like, so I knew a s’mores party would be a fun treat after a Father’s Day barbecue. To shake things up a little, we decided to do a s’mores tasting party. We had so much fun choosing a bunch of different chocolate bars for custom s’mores!

I had my eye on this lazy susan so my husband could round up all of the loose hardware floating around our basement, and thought it would be cute to incorporate one of his gifts into the party. It was perfect for holding all the supplies! I piled our chocolate haul into one section, then alternated marshmallows, graham crackers, and even more chocolate in the rest of the sections. We taste-tested our creations and ranked the winners (but really, there were no losers in this contest): the dark chocolate with sea salt was my favorite, my husband loved the European chocolate with hazelnuts since it’s creamier and not as sweet, and the 4-year-old chose the classic American bar in the brown wrapper – surprise, surprise!

The best part for me was this nifty little s’mores grilling set that perfectly melted the chocolate while the marshmallows roasted – genius! The one thing that can ruin a good s’more moment is when you bite through crisp graham cracker and perfectly gooey marshmallow, then “bam!” – almost break your teeth on a hunk of hard chocolate. Why has no one thought of this before? My daughter’s favorite part was not having to take turns while dad roasts marshmallows one by one since this makes six at a time. We had a comically fast-paced assembly line going on which resulted in a huge festive tray full of goodies and probably a cavity or three. And we can’t wait to do it again! Next year, this will be the secret weapon that ups my s’mores party game to the next level. Clear eyes, full stomach?

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