A DIY for Dad: Handcrafted Soap on a Rope for Father’s Day

Stumped on ideas for Father’s Day gifts this year? You’re not alone! Some dads are incredibly difficult to shop for, especially when they insist they already have everything they need. Why not hand craft something special (and useful) from the bottom of your heart? This year, we’re showing you how to make an easy DIY version of a classic Father’s Day present: soap on a rope.

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What you’ll need:

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Step 1

Measure out your rope and create loops. Since our soap is clear, we made our knots thick for a fun nautical look.

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Step 2

Cut up the glycerin into smaller cubes and place into measuring cup. Make sure your measuring cup is microwave safe. Microwave until glycerin is in liquid form.

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Step 3

Add your choice of essential oils to the liquid glycerin and stir.

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Step 4

Begin pouring mixture into ice cube molds. Gently place ropes in each opening. We placed skewers under the ropes to help secure them while they solidify (if you are using a mold with a lid, this step won’t be necessary).

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Step 5

Let the molds rest for about 4-5 hours. Confirm that the soap is completely solidified before gently removing from the mold. The great thing about using silicone, is that you can easily roll it off of your creation.

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All Set for Father’s Day

Ta da! Remember, you can make these fun soaps in any scent, shape or color you choose. Use your creativity and make Dad an assortment of soaps that smell like his favorite foods, or play with pigments (found at many art or cosmetics supply stores) and create some to match his bathroom. Present them in a charming gift basket or fun wrapping paper and you’re all set.

Happy Father’s Day!

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