A Fall Prep To-Do List for Your Home

Autumn is on its way, and that means more time indoors. Whether you’re looking forward to slow-cooked meals, lazy days of lounging or getting lost in a good book, our fall prep to-do list makes sure that you have everything on hand and organized for a fresh, fun and fabulous fall.September Home To-Do List - Discover, a blog by World Market

Fall Prep to Freshen Your Home


  • Rid your fridge of old food, crusty condiment bottles, squishy old veggies and anything in the freezer that you’re not going to eat. Wipe down the shelves.
  • Sort through your spices. Discard old ones and duplicates. Make a note of the fall-themed spices you don’t have like cloves or nutmeg and make sure you get those for on-the-fly Fall baking.
  • Inventory your baking supplies and make sure you have enough oven-to-table bakers, spatulas and ramekins.
  • Invest in a Dutch oven for slow cooking throughout Fall and Winter.
  • Pack up the summery dishtowels and replace them with fresh new towels in Autumn motifs.


  • Throw out shriveled old hand soaps and replace with our Heirloom Variety Orange Ginger Hand Soap in a charming mason jar.
  • Time to trade the towels! Infuse your bathroom with fiery Fall flair with the hot colors in our Venice Printed Bath Towel.
  • Get set for a serene soak with the right bubble bath.
  • Indulge in aromatherapy with a sultry-scented diffuser.


  • Dust all storage furniture like bookshelves, buffets, sideboards, and cabinets. Make a note of books on the shelves that you haven’t read and decide whether you will commit to reading them this Fall or donate them to make room for books you’ll love.
  • Swap out lightweight throws with warmer coverings in plum, gold and crimson hues.
  • Amp up the ambiance with these amazing LED candles that turn themselves on at the same time everyday and then turn themselves off. Instant illumination!
  • Store your radiant summer throw pillows, and bring out a new collection that features richer Fall shades and seasonal motifs.
  • Get enlightened! Make sure your reading nook is properly lit with a lovely lamp. Also, do you already have a lounge-worthy chair?
  • Sort your dishes. Are there chipped or broken plates and bowls you’re still using? Toss ’em!
  • Consider a dish refresh. Mix and match a few styles for a fresh look and an easier way to make do when plates, bowls and cups get broken.


  • Create a restful retreat by de-cluttering the dirty laundry, stacks of paper and other items that pile up in the bedroom.
  • When was the last time you vacuumed under the bed? That’s where dust bunnies go to multiply.
  • Clear out your dressers and closets of clothes that you no longer wear, and put your strictly summer wardrobe in storage.
  • Consider investing in a new bed or bedding that inspires you to snuggle in all season long.

It’s easy to make your space a celebration of the season! Start with a good clean, and then evaluate to ensure you’ve got all of the tools you need to fall in love with Fall.

Make your fall prep easy and fun to do with our selection of cleaning supplies.


  • Natalie N.

    Love it! I agree with everyone’s comments from the tastefully portrayed buying suggestions, the motivation to de-clutter, clean up and clean out unused items, and the encouragement to make your home a wonderful space for daily enjoyment and some pampering to boot! Now I am REALLY ready for Fall. Thanks World Market Bloggers!

  • Sandra P.

    I like the combination of practical, pretty, and pampering suggested by this blog. The suggestions made about possible purchases at WM are gracefully and helpfully done. In addition to cleaning out and updating the fridge and spice cupboard, I’ll be going through the pantry to remove stale stuff and things to donate to the local food bank. It’s also a good time to clean out under the sink and update my cleaning supplies.

  • Sherri

    Great blog!! Love the beautiful and bright colors and great tips. Really makes me want to clean…and SHOP!!

  • Kay Sullivan

    Inspiring, indeed! Good suggestions!

  • Cecilia

    Just reading the blog made me decide to get my home ready for fall. All great suggestions for each room! Get ready World Market, I’ll be shopping.

  • Joyce Draffan

    So love the idea of World Market creating a blog. It’s such an interesing retail outlet, love your eclectic selection of merchandise and craft work from around the world. I come to Los Angeles every year from Scotland and always make a point of visiting your store to stock up on interesting bits and pieces for myself and presents for friends. First discovered the store in Santa Barbara and was ecstatic to find there was also one in Los Angeles. If I lived here permanently I would definitely buy more!

  • Connie Knight

    I LOVE the ability to create the custom place settings on-the-fly with a tap or click!!! I’m inspired!!!!

  • Vanessa Bower

    I’m loving the new blog. World Market is one of my favorite stores because of the unique items and it’s budget friendly, too. The most important thing on my September Spruce Up List is to call the chimney sweep to clean my chimney and check the fireplace. I’m looking forward to having a cozy fire on a chilly night this fall.
    Thanks for the great blog.

  • Ellen

    This is just the motivation I needed to get started! Thanks for your well-thought out plan of attack!

  • Ada

    I started this morning cleaning around the kitchen cabinets now everything is on my dinning table 🙂 , I got new tips that I will included in my tomorrow list.
    Thank you

  • Linda Allen

    What a wonderful blog! Very nicely done. It covers everything everyone needs to do at this time of season change. You also support your suggestions with examples of changes and products from your merchandise selection. Excellent. I just love WM, and recommend your products frequently in my Interior Design practice. Thank you for everything you do, and keeping your product selection interesting, well crafted, and affordable. Everyone can afford to do things well, with a resource such as yours. Thank you.


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