A Fresh and Affordable Foyer Makeover for Fall

Take a moment to consider your foyer. You know, that space in front of your front door where you dump your keys and leave your shoes?

We believe that the foyer, even the tiniest ones, should be beautiful spaces that welcome you home after a tough day out in the wide, wild world. It’s the first room you see when you enter your home, and it should be a thing of beauty that sets the tone for rest, renewal and relaxation. With that in mind, we’d like to share with you a foyer facelift from Brittany Hayes at addisonswonderland.com that is serene, stylish and sophisticated.

Her choice of the Malawi Wicker Chair as the seating is inspired! This small space could appear very cluttered with a chunky chair, and this one lets just right amount of light and air through. Fashioning our exquisite wicker chairs employs traditional Malawian weaving techniques that have been handed down through many generations. The three- to four-day crafting process begins with a natural bamboo frame for strength, around which wicker reeds are woven into an ornate masterpiece by talented local artisans.

The result is an authentic chair that’s both lovely to look at and to relax in.

Our gold, metal and glass Arley Accent Table is also ideal for the spot. Its small profile and glass top lets the room breathe, while providing a pretty platform for flower arrangements or plants.

The pop of color from our Evergreen Velvet Pillow is just enough contrast with the wall color to provide visual interest, and the plush fabric makes the chair a softer spot to perch.

Our handy Fabric Tote  is a much better catch-all than the floor, and its sturdy, handmade construction makes it durable and versatile. When it’s holding our Orange Striped Variegated Throw, it’s pretty and practical.


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