Baking That Brings It: Fall Baking Must-Haves

The heat is on! Preheat, that is. We’re ready to mix it up in the kitchen, and we’ve got the gear to prove it. Take a look at our comprehensive list of fall baking must-haves, and stock up on all of our favorite finds.

Fall Baking Must-Haves - Discover, a blog by World Market

Woodland Birds Apron
The right apron is so much more than a mess-reducer—it’s a fashion statement! Our Woodland Birds Apron is emblazoned with a graphic forest scene that is at once trendy and traditional. Coordinate with a matching potholder and kitchen towels for a cool kitchen look.

Pumpkin Casserole Baker
All of your friends will ask you where you got this adorable Pumpkin Casserole Baker. Don’t worry—we won’t tell them how little you paid. But what’s really great about this item is that, in addition to being a scene-stealing piece of serveware, it cooks evenly, has convenient handles and its lid keeps your casseroles nice and moist. It’s simply the must-have fall baking find.

We use Ramekins for everything. They’re great for keeping your ingredients organized during cooking prep; they also come in handy as dipping bowls for sauces and condiments. (Plus, they can be a small cereal bowl in a pinch.) They even stack nicely for storage.

Copper Dutch Oven
If you’re going to splurge on one item this season, let it be our gorgeous and versatile Copper Dutch Oven. Crafted of heavy-gauge copper, it’s not only beautiful, but it also boasts optimal heat conductivity and temperature control. It’s great for slow cooking, of course, but you can bake bread, cinnamon rolls and veggies in it, too.

So simple, yet so necessary. We love our Spoonulas because they’re perfectly shaped to scoop every last bit of batter with no waste. Plus, they come in stylish colors!

Batter Bowl
A Batter Bowl is one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-that items. It’s got a generous bowl for mixing batter, eggs and more. PLUS it features a handle and spout for easy transfer to pot, pan or muffin tin.

Owl Cakelet Pan
Whooo makes the tiny cakes everyone’s raving about? You, that’s who! Our Owl Cakelet Pan makes small-sized cakes in whimsical owl shapes. It wisely features a non-stick coating for easy cleanup.

Ceramic Scone Pan
Out of all of our fall baking must-haves, this is one that also makes a great gift. We love how it’s divided into eight triangles for perfectly-shaped scones (or cornbread, polenta or biscuits) every time. Get one for yourself and give one away! Then invite yourself to brunch.

What’s that smell wafting from your kitchen? That’s the scent of delicious baked goods, that’s what! Let us know what you’re baking this fall, (and feel free to send us samples).

Woodland Birds Apron Woodland Birds Apron 19.99 Pumpkin Casserole Baker Pumpkin Casserole Baker 19.99 White 2-oz. Ramekins, Set of 4 White 2-oz. Ramekins, Set of 4 3.96 Copper Dutch Oven Copper Dutch Oven 109.99 Aqua Silicone Spoonula Aqua Silicone Spoonula 3.99 3.99 For the Baker For the Baker 10.65 Nonstick Owl Cakelet Pan Nonstick Owl Cakelet Pan 8.99 Ceramic Scone Pan Ceramic Scone Pan 14.99


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