Fall Baking: After-School Fun

What’s a mom with boys to do after school on a beautiful fall day? Bake, that’s what! Blogger Merrick of Merrick’s Art stocked her kitchen pantry with cute woodland-themed, fall baking finds. She went in for fall cookie cutters and came out with so much more (isn’t that always the case at World Market?): ceramic measuring cups and spoons in the shape of foxes and owls, a raccoon cookie jar, oh—and of course, an adorable hedgehog cookie cutter!

Merrick's Art

Shop Merrick’s Baking Finds: Woodland Critters Measuring Cups | Measuring Spoons | Ceramic Racoon Cookie Jar | Hedgehog Cookie Cutter

Merrick's Art 2

Love what you see? Peep Merrick’s post on fall baking with her boys on her blog! 


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