Exploring Moroccan Style in Marrakesh

Our buyers have the best jobs. They go to interesting locales in search of unique products and connect with artisan communities from all over the world. If only we could all explore Moroccan style with nothing more than a plane ticket and a passport!

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Since jet-setting isn’t part of my job description, I thought I’d satisfy my wanderlust by going on a visual journey through Marrakesh, Morocco, the country of origin of our popular (and sold-out!) Hand of Fatima Door Knocker and jewel-toned Moroccan Tea Glasses. And for those not in the know, Marrakesh is also the inspiration for our newest Desert Caravan catalog.

Moroccan Style at Home

In search of local Moroccan honey.

Got 36 hours?

See what’s cookin’ over there.

Stone arches for days.

Fashionista in La Medina.

Take a peek at this Glamourai’s travel diary.

A simple Chicken Marrakesh recipe? Yes, please.

(And another simple Marrakesh stew recipe here, too!)

Finally, take a visual walk with us through Marrakesh’s beautiful gardens.

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