Expert Party Tip: Set up a Self-Serve Cocktail Station

Free up hands—and time—with a self-serve cocktail station that’s stocked with everything your guests need to make their own cocktails and refreshments. Setting it up is easy: just turn a table or potting bench into a bona fide station and make sure you’ve loaded it up with the basics (see below).

Trust us—a self-serve cocktail station takes some prepping before the party, but it’s so much more enjoyable to play the hostess instead of the bartender!

Expert: Brandi Milloy
Party Tip: Set up a self-serve cocktail station
What you’ll need: Acrylic glasses, mugs, straws, drink dispensers, garnish bowls, cocktail napkins, ice bucket, measuring spoons, and kitchen towels to wipe up any spills
Optional: An umbrella canopy or shade sail to keep things—and people—cool while they’re making drinks.

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