Elements of a Spring Table

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I think Daylight Savings Day should be a much bigger national holiday. The second those clocks spring forward, it seems as though our collective mood ratchets up 10 notches. The pleasure of longer days, of eating dinner while it’s light out (which can seem weird for a few weeks, until we all get used to it again)—it just makes me feel so joyful, I tell you!

Like many of you, I take this moment to do some spring cleaning, but frankly, whenever I do any kind of cleaning and purging, I feel like it earns me the right to do a little shopping. And while I certainly love a new pair of shoes or a skirt, I’m really a tabletop girl. A new spring table, with fresh colors and some flowers makes me even happier about the arrival of spring.

mussels 4

I often gravitate towards white plates, but please tell me that these pale green plates aren’t just the loveliest? I am a sucker for this coral runner; it has just the right pop of pink. Seersucker napkins? Hell, yes. And a small low arrangement of yellow, white and green blooms.

So to celebrate this spring table, I made Mussels in Tarragon Sauce, in honor of a friend of mine (another Katie; we stick together) who loves mussels, but is scared to cook them at home. They actually are the simplest of shellfish to prepare, and glisten beguilingly in the heavy black cast iron pot. A few roasted white sweet potatoes are a nice companion, and delicious with the extra tarragon broth. Don’t forget to put out bowls for the mussels shells—I’m just a little obsessed with this line of ivory organic dishes. And I am smitten with the shape of these little straight-sided bowls.

I’ve used more superlatives in this post than I usually use in a day, but I warned you—I’m very, very, very happy that it’s spring.


Photography credit: Mia Müller-Schöll


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