Take a Look at This Girl’s Eclectic Treehouse

When designer Kelly Elko was asked by actor Gilles Marini to help decorate a treehouse that’s every bit as spunky and fun as his daughter, Julianna, she was ecstatic. Not only did she enjoy working with the father-daughter duo, she also loved placing herself in the shoes of a tween girl who’s about to get the treehouse of her dreams.

Home Sweet Treehouse

Plenty of natural light bathes the space from a skylight that was built by Gilles himself, and at sunset, lanterns and mason jar firefly string lights create a cozy glow—perfect for sleepover chats, journal writing, or girlfriend meet ups perched high above. Guests can enter through a small door—and get this—there’s a slide, zip line and rope swing that leads directly to the main house!



“Gilles used lots of recycled building materials in the house—and he’s not done yet,” says Kelly. She thinks Gilles will make additions as he collects more recyclable items and makes future plans for the structure. It will evolve with his daughter’s tastes and styles.


Love what you see? Peep more of Julianna’s treehouse on Kelly’s blog, Eclectically Vintage



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