DIY Valentine’s Day Apothecary Jars

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These apothecary jars are so festive and will have your home ready for Valentine’s Day!  This is a DIY Valentine’s Day project that requires zero craft skills and can be put together in a few minutes with just a few products.  The best part is that you can use these glass apothecary jars over and over again for other holidays, parties, and for everyday decor.




  1. Gather your items. You will need the tall and round glass apothecary jars, chocolate hearts, chocolate coins, small glass cup or bowl, two wooden framed heart chalkboards, and chalk.


  1. Make sure your apothecary jar is clean and place the glass bowl (or cup) face down in the center of the bowl. This will help reduce the total amount of candy needed. Now fill it up with one type of candy.  Make sure the candy is evenly distributed. Repeat these steps with the other apothecary jars.


  1. Write “X” and “O” with chalk on the small heart chalkboards, respectively; hang the chalkboard on the knob of each jar. That’s it! DIY Valentine’s Day, sorted!


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