DIY String Lights Centerpiece

No flowers? No worries! Real Simple Home Editor Stephanie Sisco shows you how to create a no-flower string lights centerpiece that’s both rustic and whimsical. The best part: the centerpiece requires only three items. Yes, that’s right—three items!

Grab a spacious hurricane or medium to large candleholder, a pack of river rocks (large marbles should work, too), and LED string lights, and you’ve got yourself a centerpiece that’s bound to be the talk of the table at your next party.

DIY String Lights Centerpiece - Discover, a World Market blog

DIY String Lights Centerpiece:


DIY String Lights Centerpiece - Discover, a World Market blog


  • Anne Marie

    You don’t need to remove ALL of the wallpaper–pull off all that you can, then sand the edges of spots that are stuck, then paint over it all with a Non-Porous Primer. Voila! New wall, no fuss.

  • Marsha Weeks

    Nice but how do you turn off the lights or do they just stay on all the time

    • Betty

      Hi Marsha,

      Just make sure to buy the light strands that has a timer function. That way the turn on and off each day all on their own. You don’t need to remove the battery back until it is time to replace the batteries. Then, put in new batteries and set the timer function again. When you flip the switch to timer that’s the time it comes on every day there after. For example: If it is 6 PM when you flip the unit to “Timer” then it will be 6PM when the lights will automatically turn on each evening. When you buy the light strand it will tell you the timer length of time – such as a 4 hour timer, a 6 hour timer, etc. For example: If it is a 4 hour timer the lights will automatically turn off 4 hours after they turn on – there is no need to set an “off” time as it is already built in.
      In the above examples the light will turn on at 6 PM every evening and automatically turn off at 10 PM every evening. Hope this helps, Betty

  • Pam

    Great idea as a centerpiece. I can’t wait to show it off on my table for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • Ellen

    I bought two sets string lights and can’t wait to use them at Thanksgiving on my table – they will add that homey feeling and look so delicate . Love Cost Plus World Market !!


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