Christmas DIY: Create Your Own Small Space Christmas Tree


Christmas isn’t complete without a Christmas tree, but if you’re like me and have a small space (plus a disdain for the constant vacuuming of fallen pine needles), then you already know that traditional Christmas trees can be a hassle.

To save yourself some stress—and space—make yourself a Christmas tree on the wall with just a few items! The process couldn’t be simpler and you’ll end up having a gorgeous, festive tree for the holidays that takes up very little room. Not to mention you’ll be saving a live tree in the process!

Create Your Own Small Space Christmas Tree - Discover, A World Market Blog

To get started, you’ll need to take a quick shopping trip for a few key items. I used the 30 bulb strand of bulb lights along with some clear Command Hooks from the hardware store. For the tree topper I used a Glittered Star; it adds a bright pop and it’s the perfect size, though you can also use a pretty Christmas Ornament.

After laying the pattern out on the floor it was time to take it to the wall. If you follow my steps, you can skip the floor part. Here’s your step-by-step guide to creating your tree.


  1. Remove string lights from packaging and set bulbs aside. The bulbs are really fragile and it does not come with extras, so take extra care.
  2.  If you want to create a taller or shorter tree than the one pictured above, start by laying the cord out on the floor in the shape of a Christmas tree using scotch tape, starting at the top and working your way down. If you’re wanting to create the one pictured skip to step 4.
  3. When you’ve got the basic shape just the way you want it, take a picture or quick sketch to use as a reference, noting how many bulbs are on each row and the angle of each turn.
  4. Using the command strips, and starting at the bottom, attach the first row to the wall. You may need to wipe down the wall beforehand to ensure the Command Hooks stick.
  5. When you come to the first turn in the cord, face the opening of the command strip down and away from the eventual top of the “tree” so the cord won’t pull away.
  6. Follow your reference and don’t pull too hard on any of the corners. Keep a hand on the previous turn and apply pressure for 30 seconds to make sure it doesn’t pop off.  (A second set of hands come in really handy during this step).
  7. Tuck the end of the cord under the top bulb and secure with a Command Hook or piece of clear tape.
  8. After you’ve got the cord attached to the wall securely, begin gently screwing the bulbs back in starting from the bottom and working your way up.
  9. Place another Command Hook  at the very top of the tree to hold your star.
  10. Plug the cord into the wall then step back and stand in awe of your awesome “tree”!

If you have the floor space for a tree skirt all you have to do is fold a regular one in half. The gifts hide the gap near the wall and it pulls everything together perfectly. We’re going with the Faux Linen and Fur Tree Skirt to keep the color palate light and airy.

I added in some festive items that create the perfect Christmas scene without going overboard. These two toned White Metal Taper Candleholders look awesome sitting on a side table next to the tree and I’m loving the Ombre Taper Candles that I paired them with. To add a touch of festive fun, I also threw in a Christmas Tree Taper Candle. I just love the pop of green!

Create Your Own Small Space Christmas Tree - Discover, A World Market Blog

Complete your small-space holiday look with a comfy armchair, a pillow and a cozy throw. How gorgeous is this Rose Pink Tyley Chair and Tornado Gray Velvet Pillow? Both pieces add a whimsical feel to the space, and the armchair makes for the perfect spot on which to read a book by the tree. Add in a glass of wine in these festive Gold Rimmed Bubble Glasses and the stress of the season will melt right away!



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