DIY No-Sew Apron With Leather Straps

Miranda Anderson

Whoever planned Father’s Day did a great job timing the celebration right as we get ready for the grilling season. My own dad is a true grill master and my husband has picked up the torch for our family, so I thought it would be fun to make him a sturdy and handsome DIY no-sew apron to use at the grill this summer.

Paired with some new grilling tools and accessories, this leather strap apron makes a useful and thoughtful handmade gift that he’ll wear and love for years to come. Plus, a nice new apron may be motivation for some yummy meals for the family, and that would be a total win-win!

Father's day apron 1

Father's day apron 2

The apron starts with a basic apron base, and we switch out the canvas straps for beautiful leather straps. The brass snaps at the corners allow the straps to be removed from the apron for washing, and the adjustable button closure gives some flexibility and comfort to the leather apron. (Which may be necessary to loosen after an amazing meal.)

Find the full no-sew apron DIY at the end of this post!

Father's day apron 3

Father's day apron 4

After I finished the apron, I couldn’t wait to try it on my husband, and have a little pre-celebration barbecue. I spotted some Dad’s Root Beer at World Market and couldn’t resist adding it to the menu.

We also enjoyed:

  • Grilled chicken marinated and brushed with Mango Coconut sauce (this grill prep set makes it so simple!)
  • Dry rubbed grilled sirloin
  • Peppers and mushrooms tossed in olive oil, black pepper, and sea salt and grilled
  • Grilled corn (rubbed with olive oil)
  • Garlic cheese bread from a local bakery
  • Cesar salad
  • Fresh strawberries

Father's day apron 5

Father's day apron 6

Shop the spread: Table runner | Plates | Salad bowl | Salad tongs

Father's day apron 7

Father's day apron 8

Father's day apron 9

Father's day apron 10

Father's day apron 11

Making the leather strap apron requires a few basic leather working tools, all easy to find online or in a local craft store. Once you understand the steps, you’ll be able to use the same techniques to add the leather accents and straps to all kinds of fun projects—or complete new ones!

So, are you ready to make your own leather strap no-sew apron?

Father's day apron 12

Here’s what you’ll need for the no-sew apron:

Father's day apron 13


  1. Collect your supplies.
  2. Cut off the current neck straps on the apron.
  3. Cut a 3-inch piece of the leather strap and fold it in half. Punch a hole for the snap placement about a half-inch from the end, centered. Punch a hole through the upper right corner of the apron and follow the instructions on your snaps to place the first snap bottom through the corner. Slide a D ring onto the bit of leather, and then set the brass snap top through both ends of the leather, creating a closed loop with the D ring inside.
  4. Snap the leather D ring loop onto the bottom snap. This will be the right side of the neck strap, and the button makes the leather piece removable for washing.
  5. On the left side of the apron, repeat the process. Punch a hole and place the bottom snap through the left apron corner.
  6. Cut a 24-inch piece of strap and punch a hole through one end, about a half-inch from the edge. Insert the brass snap top through the leather strap and secure in place according to snap instructions.
  7. Snap the leather strap onto the left side of the apron top and measure out 16 inches from the button.
  8. Set the punch to the size that will fit the threading on the button stud. Punch a hole and unscrew the button stud into two pieces.Father's day apron 14
  9. Insert the threaded end of the button stud through from the back of the strap.
  10. Screw the button piece on top.
  11. Secure the button stud tightly.
  12. Punch holes in the center of the strap every 1-inch to the end.
  13. Use a small pair of scissors to snip a small line on each hole, towards the button stud. This will allow the stud head to push through the hole, and then hold secure.Father's day apron 15
  14. Loop the strap through the D ring and push the button stud through the appropriate hole for the length of neck strap you like.
  15. Repeat the whole process from the top strap down to the waist strap. Begin by cutting off the existing straps.
  16. Punch holes and place the snaps on the waist right side. Secure D ring through the second 3-inch leather piece and secure snap. Snap leather and ring onto the lower right side.
  17. Punch holes in the waist left and the remaining 30 inches of leather strap. Set snaps and snap the length of leather onto the waist right side.
  18. Loop the leather strap through the D ring at the waist. Depending on the girth of the person you hope will wear this apron, set the button stud at what you expect to be the smallest position. Mine was around 16 inches.
  19. Punch holes at 1-inch intervals to the end of the strap, allowing for a lot of adjustment at the waist. Snip the lines in the holes, allowing the button stud to push through, and secure at the appropriate measurement.

Father's day apron 16

You’re done! What a satisfying project this was and a true delight to work with beautiful materials and tools. Now you’re ready to shop for a couple fun grilling tools, and gift it to the best Dad around this Father’s Day! By the way—this no-sew apron would also be a great gift for a woodworker, gardener, mechanic or for someone who loves any type of messy hobby.

Father's day apron 17



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