A DIY Macrame Hanger for Your Terrarium Needs


I have been working on pulling together a bohemian-inspired patio space and was excited to include these amazing geo terrariums. They have such a great design, and are the perfect addition to indoor and outdoor spaces, especially with a simple DIY macrame hanger to cradle them and add a little extra bohemian flair. Once these are filled with some long-lasting and no-maintenance faux succulents, this pretty combination will wow for seasons to come.

Macramé: Not Just for the Disco Era

Macrame is the art of knotting rope or string to make beautiful textile patterns. It has been used for centuries all around the world, and was hugely popular in America in the seventies. In the last few years the style has been revived by modern macrame artists, and has become a favorite design addition to an eclectic, bohemian, or outdoors-inspired space.

WorldMarket_MacrameTerrarium (4)

I kept this DIY macrame hanger really simple by only using one type of knot to create the entire pattern, so you don’t need any special skills or creativity to make your own. It doesn’t take very long, and the tying is therapeutic. This would be a fun project to make with some girlfriends at a summertime craft party!

Hang the planter or terrarium up with a couple of these beautiful, new White Strap Girona Chairs, and a solid jute rug, and you’re on your way to a pulled-together patio.

A DIY Macrame Hanger for Your Terrarium

What you’ll need:

WorldMarket_MacrameTerrarium (12)

To make the hanger:

Step 1: Cut the rope into eight (8) 2-yard pieces, fold in half with the ends even. Set aside the extra yard.

Step 2: Twist the fold of the rope two times, then use half of the extra yard of rope to wrap a coil around the bend, tying in place. Fix with a couple dots of super glue.

Step 3: Divide the rope tails into 4 sections of 4.

Step 4: Tie the first half-square knot by taking the far right rope OVER the middle two, then UNDER the far left. Take the far left rope UNDER the middle two, then OVER the far right. Pull until fairly right.

Step 5: Repeat this half-square knot five times, to make a spiral. Repeat on each of the 3 other tail sections.

Step 6: Measure about 12 inches from the bottom of the spiral knots, and tie another square knot. Then reverse the knot by taking the far left OVER the middle two ropes, and UNDER the right, then taking the right UNDER the middle two and OVER the far left. This full-square knot allows the knots to tie into a straight line, rather than a spiral. Repeat the knot twice on each tail.

Step 7: Lay two of the tails next to each other with all eight ropes hanging to the bottom. Separate the outer two ropes on either side, and focus on the middle four (two from each of the tails).

Step 8: Measure down about 6 inches and tie a full-square knot. Repeat around the plant hanger, using two ropes from each of two tails in order for the macrame to hold the terrarium.

WorldMarket_MacrameTerrarium (3)

To fill the terrarium:

Step 1: Fill the bottom of the geo terrarium with sand.

Step 2: Start with a tall, cactus style succulent. Bend the wire into a coil and stick it into the sand until secure.

Step 3: Add some shorter, wider succulents, cutting or bending the wire so that they stick solidly into the sand.

Step 4: Fill in the extra space with mini succulents, and add a few pieces of green sea glass for design effect.

Step 5: Hang in your new DIY macrame planter or simply set onto the ground, a shelf, or table.

I was excited about this project heading into it, and am over the moon having finished it up. Everyone can use a little macrame this season, and this simple DIY macrame hanger with a no-maintenance succulent-filled terrarium is a perfect place to start!

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