Jewelry Hanger DIY Mother’s Day Gift in 5 Steps

This year, nix the same ol’ flower bouquet, and forget yet another breakfast in bed treat for Mom. Instead, celebrate her awesomeness with a Mother’s Day gift that scores an 11 on the originality scale: A DIY Jewelry Hanger!

We adore this idea because unlike the tried-and-true gifts we always give, this one is long-lasting (right, wilted flowers?) and it can be customized to fit her taste to a T with colorful knobs, a little paint and some creativity. Plus, since nearly every Mom we know owns an ever-growing jewelry collection, this handy little gift is eternally useful to boot. It’s also simple to put together!

WorldMarket_Mothers_Day_DIY (2)

5 Steps to a Jazzed Up Jewelry Hanger

What you’ll need:

  • Frame of your choice
  • Peg board
  • Paint and materials that you want to use for a personalized design on the peg board.
  • Knobs (we used fun mix and matched ones)
  • Hot glue gun

WorldMarket_Mothers_Day_DIY (19)

Step 1: Gather materials and begin creating your own custom design on the peg board. We used gold paint to match our frame and created a fun geometric pattern.

WorldMarket_Mothers_Day_DIY (6)

Step 2: Deconstruct the frame by pulling off the backing (you will not be re-using this).

WorldMarket_Mothers_Day_DIY (11)

Step 3: Hot glue gun the inside of the frame and place down the pegboard.

WorldMarket_Mothers_Day_DIY (12)

WorldMarket_Mothers_Day_DIY (13)

Step 4: Begin laying out where you want the knobs to go. We didn’t screw ours on until we saw them all together so we could make sure the spacing was right.

WorldMarket_Mothers_Day_DIY (14)

WorldMarket_Mothers_Day_DIY (15)

Step 5: We cut the back off of the knobs (since they are so long) with bolt cutters.

WorldMarket_Mothers_Day_DIY (17)

Presto! A fabulously original work of useful art to make Mom’s Day amazing.

WorldMarket_Mothers_Day_DIY (16)

Surprise her by adding a few necklaces for her collection!

Find more Mom-worthy DIY gift inspiration here, or shop our Jewelry Displays and Mother’s Day gift!


  • Patricia Combs

    Can you create a DIY pierced earring horizontal multi-row earring rack to hang on the wall to save dresser space.
    **Using horizontal slots for each earring means you don’t have to remove the earring back to take out or put away a pair of earrings.
    Jewelry boxes never have enough space for hanging earring if you use the necklace hooks & are a messy jumble in tiny drawers.

    • Jk

      You could use some ribbon? And connect it to one end to the other almost like the hairbow framed holders? Good luck love to see what you come up with!

  • Janet

    Very nice!


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