How to Make a DIY Indoor Hanging Succulents Garden


My love of plants began with succulents. Needing little water and attention means they can be used as decor almost anywhere with some sunshine — even on the wall as with this beautiful DIY Hanging Succulents Garden.

This project is very satisfying to put together. Digging your hands in the dirt is a great way to begin preparing for springtime and all of your outdoor garden plans, and this little planter can be put together any time of year!

I was able to order two sizes of live succulents online from Cost Plus World Market, and was so impressed with the variety that arrived! They are all unique and gorgeous. I also picked up the wooden crate and moss from the online store. Adding some succulent soil and garden fabric from a local hardware shop I was able to complete the vertical succulent garden in a couple hours.

Succulent Wall Hanging DIY-102

The finished succulents garden can hang indoors or out, where it will get a few hours of sunshine per day. You will want to plan to take it down once a month to water the succulents, adding just a couple tablespoons of water to the roots of each plant.

Live plants add a pop of life and interest to any space, and I love the way this beautiful hanging succulents garden planter turned out. Here are the instructions to make one for your own home!

WorldMarket_Miranda_Anderson_DIY_Succulent_Wall_Hanging (14)

You will need:

Steps for Your DIY Succulents Garden:

  1. First, arrange your plants in the crate to get an idea of the layout you would like.
  2. Staple half of the garden fabric into the inside of the crate, so soil won’t slip through the slats when it is hanging.
    WorldMarket_Miranda_Anderson_DIY_Succulent_Wall_Hanging (15)
  3. Fill the crate with soil.
    WorldMarket_Miranda_Anderson_DIY_Succulent_Wall_Hanging (16)
  4. Add a double layer of garden fabric to the top and staple it in place.
    WorldMarket_Miranda_Anderson_DIY_Succulent_Wall_Hanging (8)
  5. Make a small X cut in the top fabric where you would like to place the first plant.
    WorldMarket_Miranda_Anderson_DIY_Succulent_Wall_Hanging (18)
  6. Pull the succulent from it’s plastic planter and gently squeeze most of the soil away from the roots.
  7. Use your fingers to tuck the root ball of the plant into the cut you made, then gently wiggle the plant down into place so it is secure.
    WorldMarket_Miranda_Anderson_DIY_Succulent_Wall_Hanging (19)
  8. Repeat with each of the succulents. Begin with the three larger plants then add in the smaller ones to fill the crate.
    WorldMarket_Miranda_Anderson_DIY_Succulent_Wall_Hanging (2)
  9. Use the glue gun to fill in and around the plants with bits of moss. Make sure to cover around the edges as well.
    WorldMarket_Miranda_Anderson_DIY_Succulent_Wall_Hanging (3)
  10. Gently put the planter on it’s side, letting excess soil and moss fall. If any of the plants need to be adjusted to stay in place, do that.
    WorldMarket_Miranda_Anderson_DIY_Succulent_Wall_Hanging (7)
  11. Hang the planter on a wall using the hanging hardware already on the crate.
  12. Wait at least a week before watering so the succulents can adjust to their new home!
    WorldMarket_Miranda_Anderson_DIY_Succulent_Wall_Hanging (10)

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