Last-Minute DIY Gift: Personalized Hot Cocoa Mugs

Sure, tried-and-true Christmas presents like a gift card or a nice bottle of wine are always perfectly reasonable last-minute options. But why not give something more meaningful this year — something from the heart? Imagine their touched expression when presented with a truly special DIY gift like this hot cocoa mug decorated with your very own artwork.

With our three quick steps, you’ll be on your way to a genuinely thoughtful Christmas gift they’ll adore.

Sweet & Sip-Worthy DIY Gift

A hand-embellished gift like this is guaranteed to bring on the warm fuzzies with every steamy cup of cocoa, tea or coffee sipped. And best of all, you don’t need much to create it!

What you’ll need:

Step 1

Take a clean mug (white works best) and begin drawing out a design. We went with a fun snowflake design! We recommend doing a few practice rounds on paper first.



Step 2

Let your mug dry for a few hours. Bake the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 350°F. Remember to place the mug in the oven before it heats up and leave it in until the oven cools completely so there won’t be any cracks. If you’re in a rush, you can put these directions on the back of your gift tag.


Step 3

Personalize the mug and gift tag for the recipient. You can also write a recipe for your favorite hot chocolate or mug cake on the mug, include a short poem or holiday haiku, or share an inspirational quote for the recipient to read and enjoy!


For added flair, load up the mug with cocoa mix packets or tea bags, candies or even a small Christmas ornament. Decorative wrapping, pretty ribbon and a card tops off your DIY gift, creating an unforgettable presentation on a budget, perfect for on-the-go holiday gifting occasions!

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