DIY Easter Animals Are a Fuzzy Fun Delight

We’re getting springy and hoppy and all things Easter-y around here! It’s time to color the eggs, plan a brunch menu, and create something sweet and fresh to decorate your home. This DIY Easter project will help you make the cutest, fuzziest and friendliest animal pals ever.

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What you’ll need: 

  • Multiple Colors of Yarn
  • Cardboard cut in “U” shape or Pom-pom makers (from your local craft store)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Multiple Colors of Felt
  • Cotton Balls (we used smaller ones)
  • Black Beads
  • Small Pink Felt Pom-poms

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DIY Easter Animals are Hop-tastic

You can go about producing your pom-poms in a couple of ways. They’re easy to make yourself, and you have more control over colors, sizes and materials if you choose to DIY.  All the instructions you need can be found in our super-cool DIY Easter Wreath post. You can also purchase pom-poms from any craft or fabric store, of course! Just make sure you get a variety of sizes and colors.

Step 1: Grab two pom-poms from your assortment, make sure they are different in size. Glue the two pom-poms together.

Step 2: Now glue on a cotton ball for the tail, one pink mini pom-pom for the nose, and two black beads to represent the eyes!

WorldMarket_Easter_Craft_DIY (20)

Step 3: Cut out two pieces of felt that represent ears (we did these in a similar color of our pom-poms). Next cut out two smaller pieces of pink felt to represent the inside of the ears, glue the pink to the top of the bigger pieces, press until glue cools.

WorldMarket_Easter_Craft_DIY (3)

Step 4: Now pinch each ear at the bottom and put a drop of glue on the inside and hold closed. This will create a rounded ear look!

WorldMarket_Easter_Craft_DIY (7)

WorldMarket_Easter_Craft_DIY (8)

Step 5: Glue both ears to the top of the pom-pom head, hold until glue dries.

WorldMarket_Easter_Craft_DIY (11)

Of course you should feel free to gather pipe cleaners and other craft supplies to help you make any DIY Easter animal your imagination can conjure!

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Easter and spring are all about renewal and fresh beginnings, about letting the sun back in and creating new things. These adorable DIY Easter animals are the perfect way to spend time with your favorite kiddo or bring something sweet and fluffy into your life.

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Discover everything you need to tackle your spring cleaning!

*please don’t allow unsupervised children to handle a hot glue gun


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