This DIY Bath Shelf is a Dream


As the calendar year turns over, we all take time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the one ahead. I rarely hear people mention how they wished they had worked more and spent less time relaxing. We naturally move too quickly, and taking a real break can feel like an indulgence, when it’s really so good for our minds and bodies. One way to rest more this year is by creating a luxurious spa bath experience, starting with the most simple DIY bath shelf you have ever heard of!

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Where to Get Started

This project is so easy it barely qualifies as crafting, and anyone can do it. The starting point is this beautiful wooden live edge shelf, that comes ready for hanging with brackets. However, instead of putting it on the wall, I use it across the bathtub as a DIY bath shelf to hold my candle, mug, current book, and whatever other relaxation accoutrements I want to add.

Preparing the Shelf

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By gluing a little non-slip padding on the underside of the shelf, it stays stable even once the tile and tub are wet. The padding can be bought at any hardware store in a roll, and easily cut to size. I simply added a little wood glue and stuck it on both ends of the bottom of the shelf. Once the glue is dry, you’re ready to relax.

Relaxation at the Ready

Some of my favorite ways to create a spa bath-like feeling in my bathroom are as easy as adding some beautiful greenery, a candle or two, and making sure my bath salts, lotions, and oils are within arm’s reach. I love to soak in a hot tub and read a good book to warm up on cold winter nights, and to escape the to-do list for a little while.

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Your DIY Bath Shelf Awaits

Having a DIY bath shelf means I can easily keep my hands dry for flipping pages or even writing notes in a journal. I also love this inflatable bath pillow when I want to bathe comfortably and relax.

When I’m not using this pretty shelf, it tucks away easily next to the sink or into the closet. At 36” long, it fits across any standard size tub with a few inches to spare for things that need to stay out of the way or extra dry.

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I have definitely resolved to rest more and hustle less this upcoming year, and I hope you find time to care for yourself too.

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