4 Curtain Top Treatments

One glance at the tops of curtains and you’ll soon realize that not all top styles are the same. The top or heading of window curtains is just as important as the fabric, design and length of the curtain itself. Check out four of our curtain top treatments to see which one is right for your space.


Tie Curtain Top

Shabby chic never really goes out of style, so the tie top curtain treatment will always have an easy-breezy cottage look that’s always on trend. The more you make the ties hang down, the more “shabby” and effortless the curtains will look.



Tab Top

For a modern yet completely relaxed and unfussy style, reach for the tab top treatment. This curtain heading style is a great fit in most urban apartments.

Curtain Top Treatments - Discover, a blog by World Market


Ring Top

Don’t you just love the “rrrring!” sound the curtains make when you draw them in the morning to greet the sun? Take note: ring tops placed equidistant from each other give the fabric a slight “sag” when drawn back, giving the curtain fabric—and space—a certain fluidity and a sense of motion.

Curtain Top Treatments - Discover, a blog by World Market


Grommet Top

A casual and more simple style of hanging, the grommet or eyelet treatment has been popular for years. This treatment lets you adjust the width of your curtain easily—perfect for the no-fuss decorator!

Curtain Top Treatments - Discover, a blog by World Market



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