Creepy Halloween Party Guide

Entertain guests with creepy curiosities, mysterious wares and spine-tingling treats.

Scary Halloween Party Guide - Discover, a blog by World Market

Here’s how to create a Creepy Halloween party scene:

-Have a clown or two around. Clowns up the creepy factor of any gathering.

-Serve food that make people go, “Ewwww!” From a box of booger candy, snot-inspired popcorn, eyeball donut poppers, and caramel apples with vampire teeth, be sure to serve up scream-worthy treats.

-Whether displayed on a tabletop or strategically placed to produce arachnophobic screams, decorate your creepy scene with plenty of creepy spiders.

-Turn off the lights and celebrate Halloween in the shadowy dark! If you must have lighting, choose spooky luminaries.


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