How to Create an Unforgettable Friendsgiving Feast


Whether you aren’t able to get home for Thanksgiving this year or you always plan to celebrate the holiday with friends before or after the big day. This fun twist on a Friendsgiving is sure to keep guests coming back year after year!

We’ve all had our share of stuffy, traditional Thanksgiving meals at Grandma’s house. While I love the tradition of it all and the time spent with family, I love the chance to turn the holiday on its head with my version of a Friendsgiving. In fact, I have even coined a new term for it and am going to show you a way to throw a “Funsgiving” that your friends will not soon forget.

WM Full Tablescape with Drinks and food

So why a “Funsgiving”? I’m not sure about you, but I could spend the rest of my life eating nothing but appetizers and from a small plate.

For this year’s Friendsgiving, I decided that I would take some of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes, deconstruct them and serve them as small plates or fun individual servings. I love the idea of a simpler way to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal. While I served this meal seated, the best part of most of these dishes is that they could be served buffet style. That way your guest could mingle and pick up bites as they choose.

What’s on the menu

World Market has so many delicious food offerings that it made planning the menu so easy and really helped me cut down on prep time. As the Friendsgiving hostess, that is a HUGE bonus.

Apple Cider Mimosas:

WM Pouring Champagne

Flat Bread Crackers with a Trio of Tapenades: Pumpkin Pesto, Artichoke Walnut, and Bacon Onion

WM Overhead Crackers with Cheese

Day After Thanksgiving Sandwich with Brie + Cranberry Chutney + Arugula and Herb Mayo

WM Turkey Sandwiches

Chipotle Pumpkin Soup topped with Roasted + Salted Pepitas

Mashed Potato Minis with Turkey Gravy + Thyme

Roasted Brussel Sprout Skewers seasoned with Balsamic and Roasted Onion Veggie Roaster Seasoning Blend

WM Food Overhead Shot

Traditional Pumpkin Pie with an Apple Pie Snaps Crust

Pecan Pie Soda Ice Cream Floats

WM Landyn Pouring Soda

WM Pecan Pie Floats

How to make a no-bake gingersnap pie crust

I wanted to share my simple, no-bake ginger snap pie crust with you. It’s almost embarrassing how easy it is to make. I promise, once you make it you will never buy a store-bought cookie crust again.

  1. Select the ginger snaps of your choice and pulse it in a blender or food processor until it is crushed very fine.  I went with the Apple Pie Snaps because I loved the twist that they would put on my traditional pumpkin pie I was serving.
    WM Pie Crust DIY Step 3
  2. Place crushed cookie mixture in a bowl and pour in approximately 1/3 cup of melted, salted butter. The butter amount will vary based on the butter content of the cookie you are using. You’ll also see some recipes that call for sugar, but I think the cookies provide enough sweetness, so I do not add sugar to my recipe.
    WM Pie Crust DIY Photo 4
  3. Mix cookie crumbs and melted butter together until the butter is incorporated and the cookie crumbs stick together.
  4. Scoop the cookie crumb mixture into a pie pan and fill with your pie mixture.
    WM PIE Crust DIY Photo 5
    WM Pie Crust DIY Photo 7
  5. Bake by according to directions for the pie you are making.
    WM Cooked Pie

Setting the Friendsgiving table

If you follow me over on Living with Landyn, you know my style is neutral with a pop of gold. That can sometimes be a challenge when the holidays come around because I’m not a traditional holiday color lover. In fact, I typically avoid red, orange, green and brown like the plague.

Luckily, World Market came to the rescue because they had so many beautiful neutral pieces that I was able to incorporate into my Funsgiving/Friendsgiving tablescape. I love the simple, sophistication of the all-white dishes and the gold accents that I was able to bring in through the use of the flatware and glassware.

The texture of the plates keep these all white plates from being anything but boring.

Speaking of texture, it is really important to mix in different textures in a tablescape to help create visual interest. I loved using these Charcuterie Cutting Boards as chargers for the table. They create a beautiful contrast to all the white that is in this table and they would also make great take home gifts for your friends after the party. I tied the napkin through the hole in the board as a fun way to keep the napkin in place.

WM Table with food being eaten

Little unexpected details like that are what really makes a party special and will be what your guests remember.

Using the Charcuterie Boards incorporates one of my favorite table setting tricks. I love to take pieces that are intended for one use and then use them in an unexpected way.

WM Overhead of Placesetting

I also used this little trick in this tablescape by using the small tasting bowls as a way to individually serve mashed potatoes.

WM Mashed Potatoes on Serving Platter

Another thing to remember is to not be afraid to mix tones of the same color family, as well as different finishes to keep your table from looking flat. As you can see, some of my pieces are bright white, some are a creamier white, some of a matte finish, while some really shine.

Not everything has to match, in fact I encourage you not to match and to have fun with your table.

WM Log Centerpiece Close Up

In the end though, Friendsgiving is all about celebrating your friendships over food, drink, and maybe even a Pecan Pie Float. Seriously, make your guest a Pecan Pie Float. You’ll be their favorite hostess forever.

We’re so busy now-a-days that it is nice to have an excuse to slow down, sit down and spend an afternoon or evening with your friends that feel like family. I know that it was an experience that I truly enjoyed with my girlfriends during this busy season in our lives.

WM Landyn serving soup

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