How to Create a Table Setting With a Global Christmas Look

Caitlin Flemming - Sacramento Street

The holiday season has a special meaning for me because my family is from Germany, Mexico and the United States, and over the years our celebrations have included a wide variety of traditions. Adapting to different cultures and their customs is just part of who we are!

For example, one year for Thanksgiving, we gathered in Mexico City with a mix of people from all over the world and discovered how great curry tastes with turkey; this is something we’ve now adopted in our own Thanksgiving traditions.

How to Create a Table Setting With a Global Christmas Look - Discover, A World Market Blog

One fun way I’ve found to honor the experiences we’ve had and traditions we’ve learned is by partnering with World Market, a brand I’ve loved for years. When you walk into a World Market store during the holidays, you’ll see items from all over the world. The wide selection helps me mix old and new international traditions with those stemming from our time living in Mexico, German and the United States.

I’ve gathered a group of stunning items and created a table setting that celebrates Christmas from around the world. When we lived in Mexico, we had wicker ornaments that looked like snowflakes, so I found twine and crystal ones that brought me back to those Christmas celebrations. I also chose poppers, which have been a part of my family’s traditions for generations; they’re filled with silly toys and a paper hat that adds a joyous touch to our table. I chose plates that looked handmade and brass lanterns that reminded me of my travels to Morocco and San Miguel de Allende. A tribal napkin finishes up the international theme of the celebration. As a final touch, I used olive branches as a nod to California – the place I consider home today.


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