How to Create An Outdoor Art Space for Kids


We settled into our new house the middle of last summer and never got around to doing a single thing with the kids’ playroom porch. When starting from scratch, I like to head over to Pinterest and pin, pin, pin until I can see a consistent pattern in my style. For this space, it boiled down to mid-century modern furniture, lots of plants, and a space for the kids to get creative! I chose these wicker chairs because they are comfortable and stylish, the wooden bench because it could be used as a coffee table, kids table, or for extra seating, the drum stool for a pop of color, and the white rolling cart for its durability and function.

Here is how you can make your own art center for whatever outdoor space you have.

Materials for Your Outdoor Art Space:

  • 1/4″ thick plywood (2’x4′ sheet)
  • 2″ painter’s tape
  • paint (2-3 colors)
  • clear coat lacquer
  • drill/screwdriver
  • art clip
  • storage cart
  • art supplies

Step 1: Apply painter’s tape to the plywood to create different lines. It might be fun to have your little ones help with this part of the process!


Step 2: Paint each section a different color and allow to dry.


Step 3: Remove the painter’s tape and seal the entire board with a clear coat lacquer. This will make it wipeable and also help protect it from the elements.


Step 4: Attach an art clip to hold any size piece of paper or canvas.


Step 5: Fill your wheeled storage cart with with art supplies and place outside next to the art board.

My kids enjoyed creating for more than an hour without any instruction or encouragement from me, once I had this outdoor art space set up. I plan to replenish the art cart with new supplies every couple of weeks to keep the excitement going or stock it with projects for them to complete over summer vacation. Best of all, the art cart is easy enough for the kids to clean up and roll back into the house when they are finished.



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