CRAFT Find: Kilim Patchwork Rug

Craft Kilim Rug - Discover, a blog by World Market

Why We Love It:

It’s pretty cool to have a piece of decor that has history and a colored past, and that’s exactly why we’re so into this patchwork rug. Made from salvaging patches of kilim from traditional rugs and village bags, our Cilicia Kilim Patchwork Rug still carries the original designs and colors of its past lives and iterations. The 100% sheep’s wool rug also uses motifs symbolizing prosperity, eternity and the promise of happiness in the afterlife. Consider yourself lucky that you found this beautiful underfoot piece!

Where to Put It:

This lively rug works well in spaces that could use a little cheer and pattern: a contemporary living room, a neutral transitional space or a room that repeats or complements the black, white and red colors of the rug’s patchwork pieces.

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