How to Cozy Up an Open-Plan Space for Family Gatherings


I don’t know how it happened, but it feels like overnight I went from having kids around me 24/7 to never having my kids around at all. These teenage years are definitely interesting; I love how my “kids” are becoming independent and responsible. We have wonderful conversations, and honestly, as much as I miss the baby stages, teens really are a lot of fun to be around. Usually. The hard part is convincing them to stick around a bit, so I decided to make our open-plan space a bit more inviting to my soon-to-be adults…

How to Cozy Up an Open-Plan Space for Family Gatherings - Discover, A World Market Blog

Create a Place to Gather 

We recently bought a new (well, new to us) home and have been enjoying working on remodeling it together. Our kitchen and family room are pretty much one big open-plan space, with a fireplace in the center. I can see many nights spent gathering here to play games or watch movies in this warm and cozy space. This Cameron Coffee Table is perfect for our family. I love the weathered look, and the shelf underneath is perfect for holding extra blankets, pillows, and a basket to contain our movies and remotes. 

Provide Plenty of Seating Options 

We are a sit-on-the-floor kind of family, and for now we have carpet, but that is soon to become wood flooring, and sitting on the floor is about to become less comfortable. We love these sweater poufs for sitting around the coffee table and in front of the fireplace. In fact, my daughter Stella loves them so much, we got her one for her new bedroom! The pouf is so comfy and a great way to add extra seating in a small space. 

Light Candles—and the Fireplace—to Create Intimacy and a Cozy Appeal

The fireplace was my favorite part of the room. It is open to the kitchen and the family room, and while I have big plans to fix-up the hearth, for now we warmed up the tile with some gorgeous candles and hurricane candleholders. The cedar pine is my favorite scent at this time of year. 

How to Cozy Up an Open-Plan Space for Family Gatherings - Discover, A World Market Blog

Have Plenty of Finger Foods Available

Of course, if you want the teens to gather, food is always a great idea. Nothing beats popcorn for movie watching and game playing. These popcorn bowls are perfect for Stella, who doesn’t love it when other people touch her food. Plus, they are so cute!

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