Decor Picks: Black & White & Chic All Over

Whether you want to channel your inner rocker, convey an air of Parisian style, or create a country cottage look, there’s no better color palette to work with than black and white. Take a look at our timeless and classically chic black and white decor picks for building a pretty room.

Black and White Color Story 2 - Discover, a blog by World Market

Black and White Decor Picks:

1. Canopy Stripe Elsie Headboard 2. Le Bain Sign 3. Matte Black Ceramic Beer Growler 4. Black Avira Flatwoven Rug 5. 13-Bulb Cluster Chandelier 6. Black Round Back Paige Dining Chair 7. Letterpress Mugs 8. Checkered Bone Resin Knobs


Black and White Color Story 1 - Discover, a blog by World Market


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