Coffee Brewing Method: Chemex

Coffee Brewing Method: Chemex - Discover, a blog by World Market


This brewing method is tried, tested, reliable and—according to some coffee purists—produces the most elegant cup of coffee. You be the judge.

Body: Not quite as rich as French Press coffee, this method produces a pure, well-balanced brew that’s smooth and sediment-free.

Grind: Medium to coarse.

Chemex Process:

-Bring water to a boil (amount varies; boil twice as much water as you’ll drink)
-Grind 50-60 grams of coffee while the water is heating.
-Place your filter in the Chemex.
-Wet the filter and glass with the extra water.
-Gently pour the coffee into the filter.
-Let the coffee “bloom” in the filter for about 30 to 45 seconds.
-Keep pouring the water into the center of the coffee grounds.



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